What drone would you recommend for a novice?

Maura B.

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In your opinion, what are the best drones for a novice? I believe that someone just starting does not have a big budget to afford a professional drone, therefore, based on your experience, what should he try?


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Hi...the M2P is positively no amateur robot. I'm not saying with due ingenuity and time you can't learn on it and with that sort of overhead, the sky is your cutoff on learning. However, I truly think now in the game you learn flight qualities and build up a range of abilities with a lot less expensive robot that will give you an essential, at that point moderate to cutting edge expertise of flying and shooting with such an apparatus.

To the extent where to go to learn, you would do that all alone, perhaps locally at a flying club, similar to most of us did (Hopefully) with tips and deceives and this spot is fine for that.

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