What is your favorite Camera and Why


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For professional gigs: Canon C100 (Mark 2). Amazing image quality. Pro cinecam features packed into an easy-to-use body. It just gets the job done.

For my own small projects (like vlogs): Pixel 3a. I used old school camcorders and it's insane how much better the image quality is in a $400 "budget" smartphone like the 3a than the old, expensive camcorders I grew up with.


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What is your favorite camera and why?
For the last five years I've used a starter camera: Canon Vixia HF R600, but just upgraded to a Canon Vixia G60 4K camera. I tried a friends Sony 4k $3500 dollar camera, but the colors are too cool whereas the Canon Camcorders have a warmer look which I prefer. The G60 has everything I need for "Run & Gun" documentary filmmaking, and it's cheap ( $1,500.00 ) compared to others in it's class. At this stage in my filmmaking it works for me and it was what I could afford a the time. I might consider a BlackMagicPocket 6K in the future, but I'm not sure I'd take it out in the rain and crash through the thick forest with it filming a documentary of Bigfoot researchers.

Heres a Movie trailer showing me using a Canon Vixia HF R600 and a Mojo External Microphone to film with before I purchased the G60:

The camera showing me filming is a GoPro 6 on a tripod sticking up out of my backpack.

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Marshall White
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I currently shoot videos with Sony A6000 and Sigma Lens 56 mm f1/4. However, sometimes I use Huawei P40 Pro and the Gimbal from DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for more steady shots. I wish to upgrade in the future to Sony A7000 and purchase additional lens.
However, for now, because I am still a novice, this setup can help me better understand the basics and better myself, learn more settings and techniques.

Roy H. Wagner ASC

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I highly recommend that you personally test every camera. Do not use DSLRs for their are high end choices available now within that price range. Ergonomics are a personal thing. Color interpretation is personal. The most important value is that personal relationship you have with the manufacturer and vendor. Do they listen to your complaints and recommendations? I’ve personally liked the Blackmagic cameras starting with the G1 and G2, the Pocket 6k and the new 12k. Blackmagic designed this camera to work perfectly with their software - DaVinci Resolve. I personally believe the sensor can hold more detail in the highlights and a better interpretation of skin tones. None of the other high end cameras I’ve tested come close to the soft shoulder gamma curve that the Blackmagic cameras emulate. Almost all digital cameras have a sharp stair step interpretation of contrast.

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Hi Roy, What did you shoot with? The new Ursa mini pro 12K that is $9,995 USD on Makertek. I would like to try it. They might not give me another camera though. The last one they gave me I sold to pay bills. I wish I still had it now. I have a lot of time to test it. I like Ursa. I don't like pocket cameras.

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