Where are our set designers?

Kim Welch

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why do we not have any set design questions going on here. Does anyone knwo about set design. Seems to be an important part of the big picture.



important and often over-looked... hopefully some question and debate is sparked soon in here... I'd love to participate! (saddly, no questions come to mind at the moment)


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I know this might be a dumb question

I know this might be a dumb question

When it comes to set design does the set designer work closely with the Art Director and can there be cases which the Set Designer also be the Art Director?


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In answer to the question, the set designer is under the supervision of the art director. The art director is under the supervision of the production designer, who essentially designs the look of the physical world within the film.


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The set designer will normally read the script many times, both to get a feel for the flavour and spirit of the script and to list its specific requirements for scenery, furnishings and props. The time of day, location, season, historical period and any set changes called for in the script are noted. The set designer's focus here is on figuring out everything that may be needed based on the dialogue in the script. Stage directions tend to be ignored at this point in the process.