Where to find actors/actresses?


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I live in a downright dead area for making movies (Seattle), so I was wondering, how do most people find their actors? I'm planning on doing some shorts, so there would be no pay, am I out of luck? Thanks.

Bob Kessler

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I'm sure that there are a few colleges/universities in the area with a theatre or film/video program with lots of young actors looking for a chance.


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Check out the Seattle Jewish Film Festival (going on this week), and go to the Seattle Film Festival, coming up in June.


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I think you'll find that there will be a LOT of actors who will want to work on your project if you show them you take it seriously. Theatre groups are good, but don't underestimate people you may know who aren't necessarily trained as "actors". These people sometimes work better because their performances are generally more maliable since they aren't "set" in their ways. Some actors/actresses get defensive if you try to change their performance. I stress the word "audition", even if it be (and probobly should be...) informal. Casual. You want to see how you'll work with them beyond what they look like, or how they act.