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Will and Grace is probably the best show on television. Combines exceptionally writing an exceptional cast. What really attracted me to this show is the "smart" humor. The show is fun, but limits the "slapstick ";comedy that now have more shows. The distribution of this show is spectacular, and each of them know their character and know how to play the game. Their chemistry very well also work performance. The first season of Will and Grace set the bar very high for other seasons. This season has presented a concept that had never been explored. This DVD is the best you can do when you want to laugh. epiodes My favorites are "Will and Grace" Secrets and asks,but all of them are great. I recommend watching the new episodes of NBC is Will and Grace Thursday.
I was attracted first by Will and Grace, as Karen and Jack. After a few episodes, I was hooked because of the exceptional writing. This show was a breath of fresh air comedy genre. This DVD contains episodes from the first season and still (2003), I am always impressed by the writing and still so much fun! The only negative I can say about this DVD is that I expected more interviews with the actors.
If you like friends, you might also like Will and Grace, a cute comedy, but I laugh. It is the grace, the designer, who has a Jewish family of colors, then there will, which is the lazy man does not stop gay sexualality interfere with your work, Karen ius rich, indulgent socialite who works only with Grace to keep his feet on soil, it is not, and Jack is the flamboyant gay man who is very dramatic and theatrical, and he is friends with Karen, because they have the same characteristics. Proof of the first season, she is hysterical. Personally, I think it is better than peers. You'll love it!
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