Zombie Nation


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Heya Everyone,

Please have a look at my Zombie Nation video. Feel free to comment / subscribe and all that good stuff!

Thanks again!


Lisa Talley

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Very cool. The Cinematography is great and the VFX is likewise awesome. Zombies are tons of fun, but super hard to pull off since you need tons of people and great makeup, or just lots of it, so it gets really expensive really quickly... not to mention overwhelmingly time consuming. My only suggestion in regards to makeup is to keep in mind who has the better looking makeup on camera when choosing your shots. (caught a glimpse of one of the zombies having face and neck makeup, while having a nice contrast of living, warm skin tone just below the makeup line)

As for the edit, nice pace, great shot selection. The only thing that threw me off was a shot towards the end when the protagonist was walking backwards and then the following shot is her walking forward. Felt a bit disorienting. Other than that, excellent job!


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Hi Lisa many thanks for your comment! Always great to receive in depth comments like this one!

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Ruan Lotter