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StudentFilmmakers Magazine

The StudentFilmmakers readers and online community are creating the award-winning films of tomorrow using the latest technologies. They are learning to work with the equipment they will use for the rest of their careers. And, in an industry that changes each day, even the pros need to keep learning and many have found StudentFilmmakers to be an excellent resource.

There simply is no other magazine on the market that specifically serves the aspiring filmmakers community like StudentFilmmakers Magazine. StudentFilmmakers Magazine is the bright star of industry publications covering the latest technologies and workflows. Each issue addresses the needs of the five distinct phases of film and video making for educators, students and the continuing education of the professionals of today’s industry., #1 Educational Resources for Film and Video Makers, brings together students, professors, and independent filmmakers of all levels around the globe into one network and community.

The StudentFilmmakers print/digital trade publication, interactive website, and monthly E-newsletters cover various topics with special focus on the five stages of filmmaking: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, and Distribution. High-level educational articles, insider techniques and best practices, stories, interviews, industry news, and high-end technology news highlight categories such as Cinematography, Lighting, Directing, Camerawork, Editing, Audio, Animation, Special FX, Screenwriting, Producing, Distribution, and more.

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Music tells a story. My passion for music and film industry results in film score composition pieces that I make. It is an amazing process to see how visual art is brought to life by composing the most fitting piece of music. The story is the key.

See my portfolio at:
Independent filmmaker in Brooklyn. I've produced over 100 videos, short films, and web series episodes. I'll be releasing my first feature, Meme, in 2019. I teach (mostly editing) at BRIC. I also work with the film gear rental marketplace KitSplit on Social Media and Content.