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MEDIASHAREiQ’s healthcare training solutions provide highly efficient and user-friendly graphic interfaces, which enables optimal usability for students and staff. Faculty and trainers can easily organize, manage, and measure the full spectrum of course and program criteria. Get your live demo at
MEDIASHAREiQ™ is a comprehensive video capture and management, combined hardware and software enterprise video platform. It enables users to build interactive video education assets and multimedia content on the go, from any location. With MEDIASHAREiQ it’s no problem to bring remote learners into the physical classroom environment. Get your live demo at

Let’s face it, there are about a million inexpensive motion picture cameras out there that can shoot a pretty picture. Even your phone is not only a viable option these days, but maybe even a preferred option for some uses.

Kim Welch
Kim Welch
You posted this in your profile. You should post it in the forums section so I can link it to a calendar event. It won't let me link it from a profile post.
Best Regards Kim
Are you a filmmaker in the Los Angeles area? If so, check out our blog on how to obtain a permit through Film LA!

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Hi David, thanks for joining. I am enjoying your website. Congrats on your successes. Beautiful music.
Welcome to the forums. If you need help posting or getting your profile image uploaded or want help with using the calendar let me know.
Greeting. New Member, New to Videography. Just concepts and some script for now.
Welcome! We have people here from Texas! Please share some of your work, thoughts or plans for videomaking
Hi, looking for a video creator to make a film clip of 3.40 mins (final stages time might vary), its a chill out type track 61bpm with atmosphere, saxophone, vocals. Its a smooth track with street life undertones, professional and current. The track is going to posted worldwide on all the major streaming sites leading people to vevo,, you tube where the video will be presented.
I don't understand why people keep adding numbers after their name. What MattKaufman not available?
The Ojai Film Festival, November 5-15, showcases the best films by emerging & established filmmakers from around the world. Last year screeners combed a record-breaking almost 500 submissions of short and long narratives, short and long documentaries, and animations.